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About Us

female small business owners Fort Worth
Growing up accessories were my best friend,  I was always a bigger girl, so the cuter clothes did not always fit but the shoes and jewelry did.  My mom always had her accessories on point. Jewelry and shoes can make any outfit perfect!  I followed the trends for a while but eventually my love for turquoise was all I needed and my collection began to grow. As I grew, I learned I didn't have to keep up with the Jones' and that having my unique style was okay.  One of my favorite sayings is "Be yourself, everyone else is taken," by Oscar Wilde. 
So how did The Wandering Turquoise happen... my love for shopping for fun and unique pieces on a budget. I secretly always wanted to open a boutique and my mom and business partner always knew this was the case.  One text message from Round Top/Warrenton Antiques Week and here we are. 
We are a mother-daughter team with a love of turquoise and other Native American pieces who have combined our vintage and modern styles to create The Wandering Turquoise.  Our goal is to find the perfect pieces to fit everyone's unique styles.